Ethical Fashion Awareness for a Sustainable World

One of the most important principles of our brand is sustainability. We believe that an ethical fashion system which equally considers nature, humankind, manpower, creativity and profitability is possible. According to this system, performance of a corporation or a brand should be measured not only by its profitability, but by the value it adds to the lives of its employees, its customers, and all people who care about our children’s future. Organizations serve for the principle of sustainability as long as they contribute to nature and human rights. At the miniscúle by ebrar team, we simply summarize our sustainable fashion approach in three titles:

• Sensitivity to humankind: Our products are made of natural fabrics sensitive to human health. They consist of natural fiber fabrics such as cotton and wool and regenerated fiber fabric named Lyocell (Tencel) which is a product of wood cellulose. We consider the health of every single child who wears our designs and we embrace a boutique approach to production that respects human rights.

o COTTON: Is a natural, plant-based fabric with a soft texture, impervious to the effects of perspiration.
o WOOL: Is a durable, natural, animal-based fabric with a high moisture absorption and warmth retention capacity, and a soft and flexible texture.
o LYOCELL: Lyocell consists of cellulose fibers, made from dissolving natural wood pulp, reconstituted by dry jet-wet spinning. Plants like birch, oak or eucalyptus are usually used in this process. It’s an ecological and anti-bacterial fabric with a breathing and soft texture.

Sensitivity to environment: Love of nature and the desire to protect are our most significant motivations to keep producing. We highly take care to use eco-friendly fabrics that are compliant with OEKO-TEX standards. We also help to reduce resource consumption by choosing these environment-friendly and recycled fabrics without chemical dyes.

Sensitivity to economy: Our sustainable business model provides economic benefit to both producer and end user. We promote resource conservation by using recycled materials and ecologically safe fabrics including Lyocell (Tencel). At the same time we promote the concept of “Second Hand” to make the best use of children’s clothes in light of their rapid growth. We also promote the conservation of raw materials and human labor and reduction of waste.

Clothes Reviving with the Second Happiness Option

As a part of sustainable fashion approach, the “Second Happiness” concept is of great importance for our brand. We have launched this concept as a creative solution for the short-term, useful life of clothes for rapidly growing children. By promoting recycling of our clothing brand we hope to inspire greater economic sensitivity and better use of precious labor and natural resources. With this approach we,

• Prevent the waste of manpower,

• Benefit ecological balance by reducing the consumption of natural sources,

• Contribute to recycling via conscious consumption,

• Increase the accessibility of our designs with affordable options.

Our “Second Happiness” concept creates an awareness in terms of sustainability while giving a discount code to conscious consumers who bring their clothes to recycling. Thus, we ensure them to be a part of the economic benefit.

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