Unique Designs for Stylish Toddlers

Founder and designer of the brand, Ebrar Sarıgüllü, has a passion for beauty that has attracted her to all aspects of design and to everything beautiful to the soul, eye, and ethical spirit that it can enrich. Her belief that design is a way to comprehend, perceive and understand life, led to her receipt of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design and has enabled her to achieve interdisciplinary integration in her work.

Ebrar has succeeded in transforming her design language, through use of various materials at different periods of her life, into an ethical lifestyle that is at the core of her brand. As her relationship with the children around her got stronger, she realized that every one of them were natural-born wonders of design and she soon became the “MINI” of her little best friends.

She began to design clothes as unique and colorful as those cheerful kids who have their own extraordinary but natural style. Ebrar’s designs attracted the attention of modern moms in a very short time just prior to officially founding the brand “miniscúle by ebrar” in October 2018.

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