Bonbonian Dress

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Orange and Blue


We adopt an ethical fashion awareness in our production with Bonbonian Dress which respects the right of all the living things and pay attention to leave a pleasant world to its future owners.

We blend the comfort of modern times with timeless elegance for the little ones to fit their exceptional and natural style. Our remarkable, high quality designs are made with materials of the highest quality, with the finest craftsmanship that are inspired by the children’s free state of mind.


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Main Fabric: 100% Lyocell (Tencel) and 100% Cotton combination
Inner Lining: 100% Cotton

LYOCELL: It is an anti-bacterial and regenerated fiber fabric made from dissolving natural wood pulp of plants such as birch, oak or eucalyptus. It has a breathing and soft texture.
COTTON: It is a natural, plant-based, ecological fabric made of cotton plant’s seeds with a quality texture, impervious to the effects of perspiration.


Measurement of the girl in the image; Height: 94 cm, Weight: 13 kg, Size: 2-3 yrs.


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