Sustainable Kids Wear Fashion and Ethical Nature Consciousness

Sustainable Kids Wear reveals the importance and necessity of being nature friendly while making beautiful, comfortable and eye-catching fashion designs for children . Our nature and the environment is not only for us  humans, but also for many creatures living in nature and on this planet.

We started our journey to prove that we can create Sustainable Kids Wear by respecting this living space.

The ethical understanding of nature is increasing its importance day by day in the modern world. The rapid consumption of fashion and the industrialized world order continue to threaten nature and the environment. Acting with the common consciousness of nature and raising social awareness of all segments of the society will be our only solution for a sustainable sorld and nature.

As the miniscule by ebrar team, in all the products on our website, you will see many traces of ethical fashion sense we carry. Our main goal is to create healthy and stylish products for our children, while we create a structure that is also sensitive to people, the environment and the economy.

Sustainable Kids Fashion and It’s Determinant Factors

Sensivitiy to Human Kind:  The health of our children is one of our most important top priorties.All of our products and designs are consisting of natural fiber fabrics such as cotton and wool and regenerated fiber fabrics obtained from wood pulp cellulose such as lyocell (Tencel).With our stylish boutique designs, we combine the concept of Sustainable Kids Wear with health for our children.

Enviromental Awareness: In our production methods and in our designs  we choose a way of production that does not harm our nature and enviroment. Due to our ethical nature and environmental awareness, we offer you unique Sustainable Kids Wear products with fabrics that are in accordance with OEKO-TEX standards in facilities that produce without  harming  any of our  natural enviroment.

We minimize the consumption of raw materials and resources from our nature by using recycled ecological fabrics that do not contain any chemical and harmful substances in our collections.

Economic Sensivity: In order to contribute to a sustainable world, we have developed our business model to benefit both the producer and the end user. We are aware of how important recycling is for our nature and the world. By using recycled ecological fabrics in your designs, we are trying to  prevent fabric waste consumption.

We use lyocell (Tencel) fabrics in our stylish Sustainable Kids Wear designs, our goal is to not consume natural fiber resources too quickly.

We are aware that short-term use is inevitable because our children’s developmental rate is high. With our ethical nature awareness always in mind we created the concept of ‘Second Hand‘ with the second hand concept we aim to reduce raw material and labor power generated during overproduction.

Sustainable Kids Wear

Sustainable Kids Wear