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Unisex Knitwear T-Shirt / Cream / Second Hand

SKU: U0501A1801-SH

We disinfect every single product in this category compliant with hygiene rules and provide a safe and economical shopping opportunity for new users.

With the “Unisex Knitwear T-Shirt / Cream / Second Hand” option we promote as a solution for the short-term use of clothes due to children’s rapid growth, we prolong the life of raw materials and human labour considering the reduction of waste. We highly pay attention to this concept in terms of our sustainable fashion understanding.

We benefit all kinds of living things within the framework of our respect to human and natural resources, and we create benefit and awareness by including our consumers to conscious consumption cycle.

Note: Discount codes are not valid for Second-Hand category.


Fabric: 100% Cotton

COTTON: It is a natural, plant-based, ecological fabric made of cotton plant’s seeds with a quality texture, impervious to the effects of perspiration.



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